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Thank you for your commitment to help cure cancer and save lives.

The California Cancer Research Act will raise over $580 million every year for cancer research through a $1 per pack tax on cigarettes. These funds will allow Californiaís leading medical and bioscience researchers to advance human understanding and knowledge of the causes, effective treatment, prevention and potential cures for cancer.


In addition, by raising the cigarette tax, we will decrease youth smoking by 13.7%, keeping 228,700 kids from becoming addicted adult smokers. An estimated 104,500 lives will be saved from premature smoking-related deaths. 


But, we need your help.



Please pledge to gather 10 signatures of California voters for the California Cancer Research Act. We will mail you a petition.

Please contribute 25 dollars to the campaign so we can gather the signatures for you.

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Help us fight the big tobacco companies, support cancer research and save lives.

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