The Judge Found That They Didn’t.

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In this decision, the judge weighed whether the 46 United health plans at issue in the case authorized United to engage in the offsetting practice challenged by the chiropractors. The judge found that they didn’t. That’s because the provision in each plan that would allow United to recover an overpaid amount was triggered only when the overpayment was made by that particular plan—and not by a different plan insured by United. In so ruling, the judge admonished United for creating the cross-plan offsetting system for its own benefit and without authorization. “Only after getting sued did United hunt through the plans for any language that might provide a post hoc justification for its conduct,” the judge wrote. The judge noted that his ruling only addressed whether the offsetting practice was allowed by United’s plans, and not whether it was allowed by the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. Even so, the judge appeared skeptical that the practice would pass muster under ERISA, particularly in cases like this one where the insurer administers both fully insured and self-insured plans. In these cases, the insurer will have a financial incentive to aggressively seek out overpayments in some cases but let them slide in others, the judge said. Judge Patrick J.

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